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Great sound for $139, works well as a headphone amp or on the PC, sounds great through a stereo or PA. Can be a great backup if your amp dies on stage.

It wont do metal very well, but its awesome for classic rock and clean tones.
Its not that good as a stomp box, plugged into a tube amp it sucks tone away a bit.

Being digital it does an impressive job of preserving dinamics, as an amp modeler not as a stomp box.

The variety of effects is astonishing, you can dial in endless sounds with some very cool effects.


pristine sound as an amp modeler.
huge amount of effects.
very portable and solid build quality.
uses 4 AA batteries, last about 5 hours on alkaline 7 hours on rechargable NIHM 2500mah batts.:cool:
you can leave the lead cord plugged in the output without draining the batts.


not good as a stomp unit IMO.
sucks tone from your amp even in bypass mode :mad:
cannot do metal well.
stupid 2 digit display speaks in tongues (weird symbols)

All in all if lost I would get another, its so handy when you dont want to lug your amp around and it cuts through great on a PA system, built like a tank and half the price of a POD.

decent pice of gear.
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