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here's what is on there so far:

There was once an intoxicated raccoon who's name was
Edward Van Halen.He was very intoxicated and smelly
and looked like Keith Richards' son which worked at
a place called guitar centre and fish bait emporium.
One day after work (he) was finished (so) he smoked crack
and did three backflips landing face first.
Embarrassed he quickly covered his crack, all the while
avoiding eye contact with a hottt girl named hosey Rosey who
was the ex girlfriend of Dave Mustaine which was very horrible
looking and smelly. So, taking his courage he ran over
a centipede crossing sweet home alabama while eating a
keylime pie and sipping on a tequila sunrise while
soloing on a frankensteined kramer guitar that vaguely resembled
pete townshend's mother's buttocks. But then David Lee Roth
began to sing. Sammy Hagar came out of the closet and then
had the audacity to break wind in my face. So teletubbies attacked but Eddie was high on heroine but down on his luck.
Fender offered to resurrect Leo But Valeri Bertinelli likes guitar players with short fingers. Meanwhile, back at eddie's crack house, an explosion rocked the neighborhood so the cops
gave Eddie a blow up doll that looked like david lee roth in drag. Eddie loved it so much He invited Joan Rivers to blow the doll :gasp: hum, blow in the sense of inflate up with dynamite
but she said eat my poo with plastic chopsticks wrapped in celophane. Eddie was jealous of Alex Trebek's...

anybody want to make a book out of this? maybe later lol
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