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Zappa plays Zappa Montreal Oct 24

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...and there's 2 less tix left cause of me. How was the T. show in June?

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Is Steve Vai on this one as well. He was to play selected dates with this tour
oh my god........3 1/2hours no breaks....I was crying during "Montana"...too amazing!!!! Dweezil's Cornfords sounded great all night.

lots of :rockon2: :DevilGuitar: None

now let's pull out that black page transcription.....metronome at a speedy 15bpm:tongue:

Sounds like it was well worth the admission price. Who was on the bill other than Dweezil?

Montreal got spoiled as Bozzio, Vai and Napoleon Murphy Brock were on the bill
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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