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YOUTUBER Michael R/T with the killer Marshall mods . Any YBA-1's up for some tinkering ...

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I've guess it stirred the pot ............Fellow Canadian Michael R/T with the stunning Marshall mods ..
Lets throw some True Cannuck Military grade Tube amp at him . the Traynor YBA-1 & or the YBA 1-A
are competitors to the Vintage Marshalls ..I am surprised Michael R/T haven't had one .
Feel free to contact him if your interested in a possible mod.
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My apologies ,I've been extremely busy ....the Traynor connection is . Traynor is basically the same circuit as a marshall super lead . so if you have an old YBA that you'd like to turn into a monster of a guitar amp contact Mike R/T .
I did the one wire mod on my yba1 but i changed it back , as i didn't swap the cap for the what .002 or .001 can't remember right off now
I've turned a few YBA-1's into JCM 800's. I personally prefer the Traynor modded version to the original.
I did an in depth comparison between my 2204 clone that I've built & my modded to jcm specs YBA-1A & they are extremely close . & can easily do the same job . the yba-1a being about (90 watt) has a little more/a touch) more headroom & clarity .Marshall snobs piss-off as us Canucks can easily TRUMP your Vintage/posh Marshall posing /penis measuring with one of these amps .
Sorry for the rant ...................they don't get the recondition they should
1 - 6 of 16 Posts
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