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youtube/googlevideo video's post here.

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If you guys have run into any cool music video's post them up.

in the evening-led zeppelin the evening

If you dont know jason beckers story, watch here(very good cover of black star at the end) becker
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Jeff Flowerday said:
I love that video. I watched it on march's guitar world cd and started to listen to EJ. By the way, have you heard his cover of Are You Experienced?

Here are some of my favourites

Think bill and teds excellent adventure, like what "beath-oven" was playing on the organ in the mall, but on guitar instead.

and not a guitar video but funny, two guys with diet coke and mentos
bucky said:
I stopped watching that shortly after the singing started.
Xanadu said:
I stopped watching that shortly after the singing started.
It's worth watching to the end, the guitar solo is awesome.:D
I haven't got any videos of me on there, but here are a few of my YouTube favs:

Electric Flag:

BB King: (watch that one 'till the end. The energy buildup is awesome!)

The Band on SNL (although the spotlight really is on Richard's singing):

Grateful Dead '72: Dead
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Monte Montgomery

You got to check this guy out, he is incredible.....

A whole new twist on the acoustic.......
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