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I've got a Godin TC Artisan that is my "original" keeper that I bought new. Had wanted one for quite some time before pulling the trigger, and finally did only because a new store was opening up and had a couple of them for half price (went with the antique violin over the aqua-marine blue).

Bought a PRS Custom 22 Brazilian Limited Edition used about a year or so ago that is well on it's way to becoming my latest keeper.

I'd still prefer new over used, but new gear doesn't seem to be getting much cheaper, at least not for the stuff I'm looking at... I don't impulse buy either, I know what I want for the most part and I'm in no hurry if I'm looking used - I seem to be able to humour myself with the gear I've got while I spend a year or whatever hunting out a bargain on something.
1 - 1 of 31 Posts
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