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My 1981 Dean E'Lite Deluxe is my keeper and it was bought used. On consignment actually.

At the time I bought my Dean, Grunge was in and a guitar like an E'lite could hardly be given away. So I can see why it wasn't someone else's 'keeper'. But now it's worth over 4 times what I paid for it back in the early 90's.

Also, in a lot of cases the main reason people get rid of gear is for money reasons. Whether it's because they are in a pinch, they sell gear to buy more gear, or they just have too much gear around.

Another thing I can think of is with guitars like Telecaster and Les Pauls, you can play 10 of them from the same year (heck even the same month) and every one of them will feel and sound completely different. I could EASILY own 20 different Telecasters if I had the money and space.
1 - 1 of 31 Posts
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