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Many of us have at least one guitar that we consider a 'keeper' (as in this thread).

At the same time, we all seem to prefer buying guitars USED whenever possible (as in this thread).

Conclusion: Our 'keeper' guitars, bought used, were NOT considered keepers by the guys who sold them to us.

This raises a few thoughts for me. Say, for instance, you see an ad posted for some high-end guitar. The pics look amazing, you're thinking this one might become your new 'keeper'. Then you discover that the seller has 5 other guitars almost exactly like it, and he's selling this one to 'thin the herd', or to fund some other purchase. This would mean that you're buying his LEAST favorite (even if it is nicer than any guitar YOU own).

Clearly, one man's 'keeper' is another man's 2nd rate, but still.. As most of us know, every guitar is a bit different - even same make/model. Do guys who buy new from dealers ultimately have better guitars? Because they keep the REALLY good ones forever and sell all the 2nd-rate ones?
1 - 2 of 31 Posts
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