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Your 'Keeper': Did you buy it used?

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Many of us have at least one guitar that we consider a 'keeper' (as in this thread).

At the same time, we all seem to prefer buying guitars USED whenever possible (as in this thread).

Conclusion: Our 'keeper' guitars, bought used, were NOT considered keepers by the guys who sold them to us.

This raises a few thoughts for me. Say, for instance, you see an ad posted for some high-end guitar. The pics look amazing, you're thinking this one might become your new 'keeper'. Then you discover that the seller has 5 other guitars almost exactly like it, and he's selling this one to 'thin the herd', or to fund some other purchase. This would mean that you're buying his LEAST favorite (even if it is nicer than any guitar YOU own).

Clearly, one man's 'keeper' is another man's 2nd rate, but still.. As most of us know, every guitar is a bit different - even same make/model. Do guys who buy new from dealers ultimately have better guitars? Because they keep the REALLY good ones forever and sell all the 2nd-rate ones?
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My longest lasting guitars were bought new.

But I don't see why used couldn't be a keeper. Allot of people dump guitar because neck was too small, or too large, they couldn't get their head around P90s, etc etc.
My Old "Keeper" was bought used, and I only parted with it as I own the company that makes the new "keeper". It was not nearly my most expensive, or nicest looking guitar, in fact it was an old beat up MIJ LP copy from the '70's.

I got rid of all of the guitars I owned that aren't my own brand because I figure if they are not good enough for me, why would anyone else want to play one. Everything I own either has my name on it, or it's a prototype that has been through the torture chamber.

that's probably enough shameless self promotion...
My 1981 Dean E'Lite Deluxe is my keeper and it was bought used. On consignment actually.

At the time I bought my Dean, Grunge was in and a guitar like an E'lite could hardly be given away. So I can see why it wasn't someone else's 'keeper'. But now it's worth over 4 times what I paid for it back in the early 90's.

Also, in a lot of cases the main reason people get rid of gear is for money reasons. Whether it's because they are in a pinch, they sell gear to buy more gear, or they just have too much gear around.

Another thing I can think of is with guitars like Telecaster and Les Pauls, you can play 10 of them from the same year (heck even the same month) and every one of them will feel and sound completely different. I could EASILY own 20 different Telecasters if I had the money and space.
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My '01 R9 is my keeper, and yes I bought it used.

Nicest guitar I've ever owned or played. Are there 'better' ones out there? I guess we'd have to define 'better'. Maybe. But for me, for now, this is perfect.

Once in awhile I do get GAS for a Rossington LP. Maybe someday one will come along when I can justify the cost (or at least pretend to justify it), then my 'perfect' guitar would be up for sale.

And I think guys bond with guitars for different reasons, what's perfect for me might not be for you. Maybe you don't like the color, or the neck, or, etc.
my 89 mij tele was a gift from my father, my 96 LP studio LE was bought new. all my other guitars are dispensible, but those 2 will always stay with me.
All my purchased guitars were bought used. I doubt I would buy a new guitar since so many used ones are on the market at reduced prices.

I think a LOT of guitarists buy and sell stuff like crazy. At least thats how it looks on the internet! Why not take advantage of that?

For instance, I just got a Taylor acoustic which I absolutely love - been playing it every day for the past month and I cant imagine why the seller wouldnt keep it. But who knows... all I know is I love it. And it was substantially less than a brand new one.

I have three keepers. My '70 Les Paul and Shiraki acoustic, I bought new. My '75 Tele Thinline I bought 8 years ago and have completely bonded with it. It's now my No.1 :DevilGuitar:
I purchased a nice AM Strat last year that I always wanted..I got it because of a bad event in my make me feel better.

Well 6 months later I got rid of it because it reminded me of that time. This was my #1 guitar that I always wanted..Just never wanted to play it.

My keeper is this Epiphone Les Paul Custom. I've had it for 6 years, and have only been playing for 8. It is the guitar I really learned how to play on, and have modified it just to my liking. It has taken me places that none of my other guitars have, and hold so much sentimental value that I can't even put a price on it. All for an Epiphone. :rockon:

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I've got a Godin TC Artisan that is my "original" keeper that I bought new. Had wanted one for quite some time before pulling the trigger, and finally did only because a new store was opening up and had a couple of them for half price (went with the antique violin over the aqua-marine blue).

Bought a PRS Custom 22 Brazilian Limited Edition used about a year or so ago that is well on it's way to becoming my latest keeper.

I'd still prefer new over used, but new gear doesn't seem to be getting much cheaper, at least not for the stuff I'm looking at... I don't impulse buy either, I know what I want for the most part and I'm in no hurry if I'm looking used - I seem to be able to humour myself with the gear I've got while I spend a year or whatever hunting out a bargain on something.
my keeper is my epiphone les paul I bought it brand new 600$, December 28 2006.It's my keeper cause it's my only guitar so I've been playing for 2 months so I suck
How many people here had keepers, or at least what they thought were keepers, that didn't in the long run end up being kept?

I know I have had a few of those. I've got a few keepers though, all but one were bought used. I have a couple of others that do hold the potential to be keepers, but only time will tell on that for sure.
I haven't had mine long enough yet. One is a circa 1978 MIJ Epi Riviera with Gibson '57s. The other is a 1992 Hamer USA P90 Special that will receive a transplant in a couple of weeks - a set of JS Moore P90s ( A4 in the bridge, A2 in the neck ). I have bonded with both guitars, the Hamer faster than the Epi. But both are very different with totally different sounds and I equally like them both. It will be a while before I decide whether they are really keepers or not.

To get nit picky, there might be a couple of slightly numb spots above the 15th fret on the Epi and I'd rather have two tone pots on the Hamer than one.
For me my keeper is my DV-52. I think for the price and the quality I couldn't have done too much better. For a big ol' rosewood dread, this guitar would be all that I need. Of course it hasn't and will not stop me from acquiring more. None
Ive got 3 Keeper electrics that I bought of EBAY!! All are custom Shop high end guitars. Over the years Ive bought about 10 new guitars, and all but one have since been sold. Ive bought about 20 guitars off the net, either Ebay or the forums, and have only had 2 slugs. But Ive always got my money back, unlike the beating Ive taken on the new ones!!
I picked up this one "used" last Thursday, it is a great guitar. My other Les Paul is a '59 RI and this is a basic LP Standard from 2005 with a Faded Tobacco Sunburst finish. This guitar plays and sounds amazing and I am not nervous about taking it out of the house like I am with the R9. They are both "keepers".

2005 LP Standard:

2004 LP R9:

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I did buy my keeper new but I wouldn't buy new again. I rather buy a guitar that has a broken in sound from the start. As long as the guitar is structraly sound, I see no reason to buy new.
My keeper right now is a PRS Soapbar SE II. I bought it new. But there was something about this particular guitar. Our bass player was the one who got it from the store and brought it to the rehearsal. When I got there it was already in my guitar stand which I usually leave where we used to rehearse. After I set up the rest of my rig, I just picked it up and played it. I've been using it since. I've tried other Soapies but this one just feels different and sounds different for me. And I don't even feel the need to replace the PUPS. The stock ones are excellent IMO.
Ripper said:
How many people here had keepers, or at least what they thought were keepers, that didn't in the long run end up being kept?

3 strats, an es-135 and an sg classic all fit that.
regret selling the es-135 though. great guitar.
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