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I'm posting this here in "Amp Tech" 'cuz only fellow tubeheads can really understand!

After last night I feel like I could die happy tomorrow. What could top this?

I spent last night at a club listening to a fabulous R & B band, sharing my table with Pete Traynor and his lovely missus Susan!
:bow: :bow:

There's a bass player in my area named Prakash John. John has played with many of the greats, from The Band to Alice Cooper. More properly, John IS one of the greats himself! His son Jordan is following in his Dad's footsteps and together with a drummer and keyboardist of equal fame they play every Wednesday evening and Sunday afternoon at a cute little club in Oakville/Bronte called the Mixed Grill.

I know Jordan from a few repairs I've done for him and he had told me how his dad was a longtime friend of Pete Traynor. He was well aware that as a tubehead Pete was one of my heroes. Anyway, he phoned me up and apologised for the short notice to tell me how that night they were hosting a 60th birthday party at the club for his father and that it would be a chance for me to meet Pete.

So off I went, a little early as the party was to be a surprise. After things began Jordan introduced me to Pete and his wife. They turned out to be a charming couple who immediately invited me to take a table with them!:banana:

We talked about amps, some business history of Yorkville but mostly stories about the glory years of Traynor amps and rock and roll! Some of Pete's old friends and business compadres joined the table and I sat back to listen, alternating between awe and laughter.

I didn't feel the need to talk too much about technicals. I'm already quite familar with his designs and was much more interested in learning about Pete the man. He is one helluva lot of fun! He talked about some of his more famous "mad man" builds where in the days when 50 watts from a Bassman was the loudest bass amp available he wired up a quad of 6550 army surplus tubes and cranked 'em up till they melted! Some of his amps had such heavy transformers you needed a cherrypicker hoist to move 'em!

Pete is still so wrapped up in technicals and modern gadgets that you can easily see how he was so successful with his amp designs. He does have a bit of the "absent minded professor" to his personality and I quickly saw how his wife proves the old saying of how "behind every good man is a good woman." He runs on passion for his technical interests and passion is a common factor to almost all success.

Pete Traynor's company AND some fabulous R & B! What more could I ask for? The band was made up of real professionals who had played many of the standard songs not in cover bands but as the original artists! It showed in song after song and I was righteously impressed!

I'm still floating on Cloud Nine!
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