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Okay I have a PAC 112J and a Fender Hwy 1 Strat. I love both but I want to put a humbucker in the strat that replicates the sound of the PAC. I tried a Dimarzio Fast Track II and it just sucked ass.

The strat stays in tune better and I like it's middle and neck pu's, otherwise I'd just play the Yamaha. I still want to keep the Yamaha for a backup guitar.

So I want to get a good quality Seymour Duncan HB that has similar tone as the PAC's in hopes that I'll get an even better sound in the strat than the PAC. The problem is, I can't find info on the stock humbucker in the Pacifica, if I could get a frequency chart I could find a Seymour Duncan with similar range. All I found was from the service manual, it's a "H/B 403H (White)" but nothing else.

Any experts out there who can help out? :confused:
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