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Tone Dripper Stratocaster pickup giveaway!!! And V-Pick giveaway!!!

Many people complain of the "ice pick" aka strat bridge pickup found in most machine-wound pickups. Well here's your chance to fall in love again with the bridge position on your strat.

were giving away three Tone Dripper hand wound bridge pickups and 12 V-picks.

Rules (to be added to as I get more advise for y'all)
Random number generator.
Context will run until we get four pickup orders (on special now from $130 now at $105 plus s/h,) and V-Pick orders totaling 25 v-picks sold. Models are at
Sound clips are at

Entrants will only need to post in this thread to enroll. (max once per day)

Draw will ocur live on video and draw date will be announced here on guitars Canada. Draw will be 7days after our criteria is achieved.

Lmk if I'm Missing something.

If your curious as to how this bridge pickup sounds, it's in this guitar (Aria Pro Bobcat SSS) in this recording.
Qualifiying orders are as if the first day of the draw. No orders yet. I just emailed the band Poison. They'll get their orders and it'll be all good.

Update July 7

Deal on vpick orders. 150!!
Any order of over $15 gets s/h @ $1.50 for the whole order!!!

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Schweet! Count me in for a new sweet pickup!

"Best mediocre guitarist in Calgary!"
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