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Hi laristotle,
Many thanks for letting me know about the Kijiji link - that is very kind of you.

I just sent the poster an enquiry, asking if this is really the SG 400 Pro, or just the previous model, the G400 (which I have, and love). I went through this line of enquiry with someone on Kijiji about a week and a half ago, and despite explaining that the difference between the two is that the Pro has split-coils, the poster did not understand. Luckily, I checked again, just before buying, and he confirmed it was the regular G400 model.

So, I have asked this poster the same question.

There are quite a few G400's going now used at good prices, presumably because they have been superseded by the SG 400 Pro. I highly recommend picking on up because they are so well made, and sound great (but I now want the split-coil feature, although it is basically only a reduction in volume, and certainly not a coil-tap).

Also, I notice that the guitar in the photo, while being an Epiphone, has a different shaped pickguard than the SG 400 Pro and the G 400 - this one is more of an Angus Young-like model, whereas the SG 400 Pro and G 400 pickguard is the shape of the classic 1961 SG.

I also should edit my message above to reflect that I am ideally interested in the Cherry version.

Many thanks, once again.
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