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Women's prison in Kitchener releases music album in a Canadian first

Posted Mar 13, 2018 6:11 am EDT

Photo credit: —and is tied to charities and organizations to bring awareness to them.

“Women’s shelters, victim’s advocacy (groups), food banks,” he said, “It’s a method of the inmates using their time productively, to build relationships, to learn a skill…but then also to create a positive impact for the outside.”

The album was produced by musician John Copping.

“He did an incredible job,” Brown said, “He, himself, is an electronic music expert, and so to me, the pallet of this album is incredible because it’s like electronica, gospel, R&B and almost outsider art…as you can hear, the emotions are really present so it makes for an incredible listening experience.”

Brown says another aspect is that it helps inmates learn both interpersonal skills and a sense of self-worth.

He adds music also provides a platform where people can get real and honest with themselves.

“Most people inside are going to be released, and how do you want them socialized,” he said, “I’ll tell you when they cross that threshold of feeling and taking responsibility for themselves, I think they’re far less likely to do harm to themselves or others.”

I encourage you to go to this site and listen to the album...
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