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With a three wire PU, one wire is the hot (goes to volume pot or PU selector), one is ground and the third is the coil tap which is actually the '-' of the screwed coil and the '+' of the slugged coil. By grounding (with the switch) the tap, only the screwed coil is on and thusly you have single coil sound.

With a four wire setup, you have this option and also the option of running the coils in series (normal HB) or in parallel (also humbucking but a touch more single coil in sound). You may also have a seperate ground (5th wire) which allows different phase options too.

Using the same switch for both pickups will tie the two pickups together unless you use a DPDT (6 pole) switch. Luckily, these are easy to find, cheap and will fit in the same hole so it's really no hassle.

Stew Mac has tons of schematic resources and us guitars canada board members compliled a the site. There are many very clever ways to do the coil tap.

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