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Guitars Canada is giving away an Avatar Cab from Steamco Music along with a Guitars Canada Coffee Mug!!!

Which cab you ask?

G212 in any of the available combinations (for a guitar playing winner)
B210 or B112 in either carpet or tolex (for a bass playing winner)

How do I win this great prize, you ask?

It's simple, we are going to take all posts made by members between Jul 1st and Jul 31st inclusive and pick one lucky post. The winning post # will be generated by computer and whomever made the post wins.

1) You must have a post count of at least 20 to win.
2) The winning post must be at least 30 characters long.
3) Moderators and Admins are excluded.
4) Posts made in the For Sale or Dealer Emporium are excluded.
5) Post padding won't be tolerated. This will be determined at the mods discretion.
6) You need to be a Canuck!

So, if you want to win the prizes get posting!!!!
1 - 20 of 135 Posts