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Wild Bill I need help

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Hi Wild Bill

I need a little help with a JCM2000 DSL
The short and sweet is the amp took a fall and broke one of the cement resistors on the board (grid resistor I thinks) and than after it fired back up blew one of the traces on the board and the HT fuse.Marshall was good enough to supply me with a new board ( at a decent price) but it differs from the old one somewhat.(see pics)They said this was the boardto replace the one in my 2000.see pics sorry not the greatest.As you can see the origional board has been modified somewhat compaired to the new one....Do these mods need to be done to the new board and do you think this is Marshall's way of cost cutting (one board fo all and mod it for different models?)I really need this amp up and running again any help you can provide is greatly appreciated..Also I'm in Hamilton do you have a shop to repair this,Im no expert but also not afraid to give it a shot either and i know the precautions needed to work inside an amp.....
Please Help
You can also PM me if you would rather do it that way

Hey how do I post pics???

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If I could figure out how to post pics I could post some for you LOL

Wild Bill

Thanks for the reply...I will contact you off board about getting this to you....
I agree about the modern circuts being more complicated.......I can read a schematic and have some knowledge about amps but I'm far from an amp tech.LOL

Thanks again
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