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I think this is a Very good site many usefull things but after checking the list of Canadian builders I came across a builder "zachary".I am not familiar with his stuff it does not interest me at all but on his site he uses "testimonials" from players who use his product and who go to great detail to explain how people who are crippled or dissabled cannot purchase his guitars.He does not have the guts to say it himself but uses the opinon of customers and says that he fully endorses them.I find it hard to believe that guitars canada allows such racist discriminatory crap to be passed of as "guitar culture". I know other Canadian builders such as Linda Manzer have done a lot for people who play with pain to be able to enjoy the guitar again and some creep like zachary does this and smears a lot of talented builders by calling himself Canadian.
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I don't know who you're talking about but if he won't sell them but you still want to buy them, get someone else to purchase it and pay them back? How will he ever know? Problem solved.

And to be honest, if that's the way he runs his company that's his choice, you can't tell someone else to how to run their business.

EDIT: How about you give us a link? I find this hard to believe...

EDIT 2: Haha, found the site... he looks like quite the character. But I've got to ask... why the **** would you want one of his guitars anyway? Ugliest shapes I've ever seen, haha.
It's under the "Idiots" section.

I've playing guitar for more than 40 years and besides my family, it's the love of my life. 5 years ago I was blind-sided by rheumatoid arthritis and not only lost the ability to play guitar but saw my life reduced to sitting in a wheelchair and also lost my business and almost my home. After a 3 year search for a medication that worked I'm glad to say I'm out of the chair and so very happy to be playing again. I've got a whole new view on life. I've never played one of your guitars and never will. After reading the opinion of your ****head friend eli, I am going to do all I can to bring to the forefront, your company's obvious bias, some would even say discriminatory policy against anyone with arthritis. I am a spokesperson for Enliven which is a group of more than half a million people nation wide with different types of arthritis, all users of a miracle drug called Enbrel. I am sure that we will be able to spread the word about the discrimination of people with arthritis by zachary guitars, shouldn't be too hard. If you do care, and that rant by eli is just to make you sound edgy, I suggest you remove it from your website, or I'll put the word out and we'll see how you like losing your business. If these were the old days, I'd just break eli's ****in neck. This is not a test, and I don't **** around when it comes so discrimination.
There's one.
Who the hell cares if they want to hang it on the wall? One man's art, is another man's tool of the trade. You think all those vintage Fenders, Gibsons and Gretchs are being heard by the masses? No, they're being stored in hermetically sealed cases and brought out twice a year to strum a g chord.
Unless you're Yngwie, haha.

"The main ones I use are heavily modified '68-'72 Strats."

He uses his old 50 watt Marshall Mark II's on stage too... I think he said they're from 1969-1972 or '73, I forget.
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