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I think this is a Very good site many usefull things but after checking the list of Canadian builders I came across a builder "zachary".I am not familiar with his stuff it does not interest me at all but on his site he uses "testimonials" from players who use his product and who go to great detail to explain how people who are crippled or dissabled cannot purchase his guitars.He does not have the guts to say it himself but uses the opinon of customers and says that he fully endorses them.I find it hard to believe that guitars canada allows such racist discriminatory crap to be passed of as "guitar culture". I know other Canadian builders such as Linda Manzer have done a lot for people who play with pain to be able to enjoy the guitar again and some creep like zachary does this and smears a lot of talented builders by calling himself Canadian.
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Sorry I mispelled oakvillE and no I dont post very often as work takes up most of my time as far as the original post, racist is not the correct term but when I first read how certain people should not play zacharys crap it made me angry. I have been a working musician for close to thirty years and have met many people who have used the guitar as well as other instruments to help deal with problems of all kinds drugs pain etc.This attitude that my amp or my guitar will kill eveything else fades when the person grows up and moves out of their parents basement.
1 - 2 of 23 Posts
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