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Who's gonna win it?

Who's gonna win the Stanley?

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Outta the three Canadian team that are in the playoffs pic who you think is gonna win it. Or post here who besides the three are gonna win.
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I dont even watch hockey any more. believe it or not, I used to play quite a bit of hockey when I was around 12-13, but not any more. Too much time used for school/guitar/other things. Anyway, I vote senators.
In the east, I think Buffalo will go to the finals.

The west is very hard to predict, so I'm not going to go there. Hopefully the Flames get their sh*t together.
Of the three choices given i'd go with Ottawa, they seem to have the best overall team out of the canadian ones remaining.

However i think if Buffalo can stay healthy they'll take the east. As for the west who knows? it's so tight that any of the 8 can win that conference. I'll pick Anaheim i guess. But im hoping the cup comes back north this year
Psshh, everyone knows that I am going to win the cup!! :rolleyes:
I'm gonna go with Toronto.

Oh wait... Toronto didn't make the playoffs.:banana:
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