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I saw this thread over on TGP and thought it might be a good one here.
Who has actually seen a Hendrix concert???? They would be few and far between in Canada. I had an older friend that saw him at The Coliseum at the CNE in Toronto.
I saw him (with the Experience) in the spring of 69' at Maple Leaf Gardens in Toronto. I was in grade eight. My first concert ever. Cat Mother and the All-Night News Boys opened along with a local band called Spuff. I have a really bad cassette of that show I taped on my Phillips cassette recorder.
To say I was impressed is the understatement of my life.
He was busted earlier that day. The infamous Toronto bust. It was also the first time I saw saw him with his short Fro'. I was expecting the large wild Fro' he had been sportin' and he comes walking out with this close cropped hair. A little shocking.

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