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Who do you use to ship guitar items?

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Usually I'm shipping an effects pedal.

Within Canada I'm quite happy with Canada Post.

But for US and overseas items; who can I use that will give me a tracking number, insurance, and a reasonable cost?

With Canada Post, for $15 I can ship small packet, but there is no tracking info., and insurance is a maximum of $100.

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I use Canada Post for all my Canadian, US and overseas shipping, a lot less hassel when sending something out of country. Expedited parcel within Canada and US gives you a tracking # and up to $1000 insurance. Expresspost overseas usually delivers within a week to most locations and has tracking and insurance.
I send everything via Canada Post too; have shipped all over the globe without a hitch.
Anytime I've taken a pedal to Canada Post be shipped overseas, and that I need a tracking number, they give me a price of $45.
This I can tell you for sure, I have been to some Canada Post outlets where I knew much more about shipping than they did.:confused-smiley-010 Anywho I always check here before I go looking for a price quote and have found it to be accurate. Try a couple of different outlets, eventually you'll find a competent one. My local post office hired a new post master who was a complete dipstick, I mean this person was beyond dumb.
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