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JaySimon said:
Ive been through a better portion of canada with my yamaha F310. It was cheap,so that if it ran down a river i wouldnt really care, and several years later it still sounds fine. It'slargely used as my beach/party guitar.

I met a guy from Nelson who has been playing his F310 for years now, the back is held together by stickers and he could pull some good sound outof it.

The only downfall being that it is a full size guitar.

Just something to keep in mind
yeah, we sell the f310 for 150, yamaha makes a smaller one too that is super cheap and ok sounding. there is a tiny, tiny guitar (maybe washburn?) anyway it is also very cheap and about 2 and a half feet overall, comes with a case too (not gig bag). sorry I am being so vague, I cannot remember specifics right now and I dont want to quote a price without seeing it for sure
1 - 1 of 24 Posts
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