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I use Super Slinky 9-42 (9, 11, 16, 24, 32, 42). Should I get files that are smooth on each side and 9-42?
Or should I get files that are wedge shaped and have some teeth on the side?

Do you know of other sources that I should look at? Price is a concern, but if there are super duper ones that I should get, I would be open to buying them. I have a number of guitars, and I am only planning so far to use pre-slotted nuts (that could change) and just for my own use. eBay, Stewmac, Lee Valley also have some files.

Here are the wedge shaped ones:
Nut Files - Double Edge, for Electric Guitars, 3 Sizes
They do not have a 9, but start at 10.

Or the smooth sided flat files. Japarts has the exact sizes of the strings I use. They also sell the sizes up from that...

JAPARTS : Uo-Chikyu Nut Files by Hiroshima Files

Thank you.

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Especially for the plain strings, I prefer the guaged saws (usually japanese style cuts on the pull stroke only type things). I think the smallest one of those I recall seeing is a 10 as well though.
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