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Yamaha is better for acoustics historically.

I would ditch the thought of both of these and pick up an old used Yamaha. I think they're the FG series or something? They can be had quite cheap (in what appears to be your $300 range) and if they've survived this long, they've been through all of those cold dry winters and hot humid summers, and should be good forever.

But the best way to get an acoustic you like (in my humble opinion) is to go with someone else who can play a bit, and listen to them play every acoustic you're interested in, so you can hear how it sounds from the other side.

I didn't come up with this way of finding a nice acoustic, it was suggested to me, and it lead me to one and done and the acoustic I have was surprising at the time, but it sounded the best overall.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts