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I second Fenderhss nomination of the Guild GAD series.
Personally own a GAD40C, check out its specs.Beautiful guitar, slim neck, solid tone woods, cutaway, really really nice sound, good projection and not overly loud or boomy.
Get a good luthier and have a pro set up done ( basically on any new guitar you buy) and you will be very happy with that guitar.
Believe me you can drive yourself nuts with the makes and models and woods ad infinitum so like everybody recommends...only by playing them will you find the right guitar for you.And don't rule out pre owned ( o.k. second hand) guitars if you have assistance from someone who knows acoustics.For the money you're willing to spend you can get a major upgrade.
General rule is Americans still know how to make great acoustic guitars but they are more expensive.
Benee Wafers
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