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Where to Recone a Celestion Speaker?

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I was told Weber doesnt recone Celestions anymore. Ive got a scrape /voice coil rub on a vintage Blackback Celestion, so it needs reconeing. I could buy a Made In England Greenback for 100.00 +, but what about reconing that Blackback?? Would it sound near as good? Who could do it? thanks
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I know someone in San Diego that will do the perfect recone for your Celestion. Can you tell me the exact cone number, model, Hz, etc???

He will do a job that will keep the value of the speaker, as much as possible, better then Weber could or anyone else!!!

Will ask him just in case before you decide!!

Let me know!!
No prob..., like Jim just said, Weber could do it as good.....I just send you a PM GG, so you make your final decision, I think you'll be fine both ways...
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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