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Where to get an aged LP pickguard?

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Anyone have an idea where I can get a replacement aged Les Paul pickguard in Canada? I've done some searching online and there are some good looking ones south of the border, but I'd rather buy from up here if possible.

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Depends on what you're looking for. LP historic, USA standard, etc.

If you're looking for a vintage correct shape and material aged, and in Canada; Bartlett Guitar Parts sells one. its $75 US. You're paying for dead nuts accuracy. And they're in Ontario.
Otherwise, I'd recommend using MojoAxe.
The MojoAxe website sucks, but the pictures are good and its all laid out in one big scroll fest; Shoot Dan an email, and his shipping and payments are all through Paypal. (it usually runs me 8 bucks or so for shipping to Canada)

I use him for his hardware (all bridges) and can vouch for his stuff as I've spent thousands probably with him.
my site for reference:

I cut and shape all of my own pickguards, but have used MojoAxe in the past for getting shapes i didn't have, and also pickguards in the past.
He sells pretty much everything you'd need to fit any Les Paul ever, as the spacing and such does vary throughout the years.
Thanks so much. I emailed MojoAxe and a few others this afternoon, but didn’t know about Bartlett. I will drop them a line.

Also, your guitars are gorgeous.

Thanks again.

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Thanks so much.....
....Also, your guitars are gorgeous.
You’re welcome and thanks!
Call Dan at Mojo Axe, they specialize in aged Les Paul parts
Prices for these are really getting up there, if you need some "Royalite" to make your own shoot me a PM.
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