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Where to buy parts (bridge, tailpiece, knobs, etc) online?

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I need somewhere that ships to Canada... I've had this ol' 70's LP for a few months and the tailpiece is pretty messed up.

No ne of the hardware matches, as you can see... I got it for $350 with free picks and a hard shell case. Had an old school Dimarzio Super Distortion in the bridge position.

All I've replaced so far is the tuners, strap locks and the bridge pickup... I need the EMG 85 for the neck (I'll get that locally), tailpiece (in gold), bridge (in gold), some new gold screws would be nice (for the pickup rings, etc), switch (gold with a black knob preferred) and 4 black Gibson style speed knobs.

Most people I've shown it to say it was a bad buy because of all the shitty hardware, but this thing feels so nice. Plus it has the Gibson shaped headstock, I mean, come on, you've got to have that!

Anyway, any help is appreciated... if the site is US, it'd be cool if they provided the costs of custom duty crap at checkout. I don't like surprises, lol.
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Try Stewart McDonald, Allparts, JMI Music. There's a ton of them out there.
If you order from the USA, specify USPS or be prepared for a wallup $$$ upon receipt (or a surprise bill 3 weeks later).

Tone pros has Canadian distribution so you should be able to order those through just about any store....if they have Line6 or Digiflex cables and they say they can't help you......change stores 'cause you're dealing with :zzz:

Ted at guitarparts canada should be able to get you the rest. You could also find something cool to do with that toggle switch maybe get an 89?

I think you made an excellent purchase, with another $350 you'll have one heck of an axe:rockon:

Alternatively, why don't you just buff off the bits of gold that remain?

How about a full guitar pic?
Thanks guys!

Here's some pics from when I changed the tuners, don't have the camera with me at the moment. Knobs / coil tap switch are taken off / out as well.

The half stack is a Marshall AVT50HX with a JCM800 1960 cab, just for bedroom practice.

Mic is a Peavey PVM22, it's my step dad's so it's been used for awhile... at the moment I'm trying to trade or sell a MXR Dime Distortion for a SM57. You can see my acoustic I got from the Sears catalogue (lol!), Mirage or something like that. The ol' mic goes into the Behringer UB502 (again, just for bedroom recording).

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There we go, figured I'd post all my gear in my room. As you can see I ran out of cables, haha.
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bubkusjones said:
+1 You should be able to get most of what you need from them.
Wow, that site is PERFECT for what I want. Thanks a lot guys!
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