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Quote "Sold by the meter.
Don’t buy that other shit.
Free shipping, no duties, it’ll be at your door in 2-3 days max.

End of Quote

Have you bought and tried this product?
Is the shield woven or spiral?
Is it easy to solder the shield?
What is the OD of the entire wire? (I can't seem to download the specs)

Yes (Tinned copper),

I would never lead you astray Greco.
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I am working on a guitar, and through my general incompetence, I am having issues with running out of wire to run from the switch to the volume pot, for example. Where do I find the single conductor wire with the stranded metal shielding so I can ground to the back of a pot? I can find 2 and wire, but not the single conductor stuff.
AliExpress... if you don't mind the 4-8 week wait time. Not always but often the case.

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@greco .
I use the rca audio video cables quite often.
I look for the best quality cables hanging on the pegboard diameter, all works on low voltage and passive circuits.
It's a crap shoot.
Some is braided shield, most is not but to be honest, I haven't had any situations where the cable is prone to microphonics.
Might be an issue in high impedance circuits but for small runs the stuff works just fine.
Takes solder as good as anything else.
I design and experiment with high gain circuits alot and as the saying goes '" I use that shit on everything "
If I'm building an amp or repairing for a customer, I usually use Alpha but those days are winding down.
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