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Tried that site and it's for gas barbeques!

I poked all over the site and couldn't see where you got that info. Is this something new for Ted Weber? My understanding is that he has no distributors at all, non-american or otherwise. Frankly, from his point of view I don't see why he'd need any! Having distributors means having enough room in the price for them to make a profit on the sale too. Otherwise the disti would go broke because most folks would order direct. I don't see how it means any more profit for Ted to set up someone in Canada just to please a few customers (like me too!).

There is an Eminence master disti for Canada called McBride Speakers. You can link to them through the website. They set up dealers (I'm one, and so are a pile of other music stores and repair shops) and warehouse for Canada, which means if your local guy doesn't have stock he can bring it in by overnight courier. Eminence can make money doing this because there is a zillion more speakers sold in the P.A. and hifi world and the guitar speakers are carried along for the ride. High enough volumes make more things possible.

If I'm wrong please tell me about that Weber source for Canada. If true it could save a lot of us the cross-border shipping aggravation!

---Wild Bill
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