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ofender said:
But you and I and everybody else here in Ontario might be the *victims* of political theatre. Mr McGuinty is committed to lower the deficit and what we could see is that (when) the federal moves ahead with lowering the GST (by 1% at first), that he could let's say, "harmonize" both taxes and take advantage of this move to raise our provincial tax (you'd pay one sales tax). I'm not saying that this is happening next week but ou know, governments sometimes make a lot of promises. **Edit: and whatever they give you one way they come and get it back somewhere else. I hope I'm wrong 'cos I have had it with paying freaki' taxes (a break would be nice).
After reading this post, I turned on the TV and they were discussing this very thing.

I guess I will go ahead and buy my amp.:DevilGuitar:
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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