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Graham blasts Tories on plans to cut GST News Staff

In his official response to the Conservatives' Throne Speech, interim Liberal Leader Bill Graham accused the Tories of introducing a GST cut purely for the sake of keeping a "poorly thought-out election promise."

"So far, government spokespeople have indicated that this will be financed by increasing personal income taxes, in a way nullifying our previous measures," Graham said, referring to the personal income tax cuts brought in by the Grits.

"In our view this tax cut does not advance the economic interests of Canadians. It's a tax cut for the sake of a tax cut," he said.

The Tories prefer to cut the seven-per cent GST by one percentage point immediately, followed within five years by a second one-point reduction.

Finance Minister Jim Flaherty said Wednesday morning that the government might consider other tax cuts outside of their GST pledge.

"The tax burden on Canadians will be lessened as was said in the Speech from the Throne. The tax burden is great," Flaherty said on Canada AM.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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