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What's you gigging p/a?

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So much talk about active systems and subs that it's got me thinking about upgrades to our current rig. Anybody using an active system? With or without a sub or two? Whatcha got and how's it working out?

Currently we use a Yorkville M1610 powered mixer and 2 Yorkville 15" Elites for FOH and 3 powered 10's for monitors. Only mic the kick and my DRRI (to spread the sound a bit). Never used a sub. I'm thinking of going active FOH and maybe adding a sub and micing more. We're playing small to medium bars mostly 50 - 100 patrons.

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We use my 2 Yorkville NX55's for rehearsal & FOH.
I rent an NX720 sub for gigs & 2 powered "cheap" powered for monitors.
Into a basic Soundcraft 10 mixer, goes quite well.
@hollowbody, yeah, I hear you on the Paraline PS12P's...... just waiting until the right price comes in.

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I have huge GAS for a pair of Paraline 12s and their matching subs!
Update!! Monster Days Sale at L&M had a set of 2 PS12P speakers for $*^%#(low enough) with the 6 months interest free.
Was going to put them on layaway to get the extra warranty, on the 26th, the manager said he'd do it today, no need to wait.
Woot! Hmm what am I going to do with the NX55's...foldback for drums & vocals? Overkill?

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