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What's you gigging p/a?

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So much talk about active systems and subs that it's got me thinking about upgrades to our current rig. Anybody using an active system? With or without a sub or two? Whatcha got and how's it working out?

Currently we use a Yorkville M1610 powered mixer and 2 Yorkville 15" Elites for FOH and 3 powered 10's for monitors. Only mic the kick and my DRRI (to spread the sound a bit). Never used a sub. I'm thinking of going active FOH and maybe adding a sub and micing more. We're playing small to medium bars mostly 50 - 100 patrons.

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This is some great stuff!

Overkill for my humble little bar pursuits and my poor back perhaps. How about the weekend warriors?
Everything is stored in trunks

Blizzard 3NX's and Fab5's

Spot duos


I do sound on the side with my small side company. Mainly bars in town, a bit in the next town. Bigger gigs like prom, Canada day, rodeo etc etc.
Equal parts amazing and daunting.

We gig smaller places - the kind that you have to move tables to make room for the band. Usually a postage stamp-sized dance floor and we get an hour to setup and after 30 minutes of tearing down the waitresses are giving us glares cause' they want to get home. Usually 2 passive 15's on lolipops and 2 4-bars for lights (sometimes only one if the space is really tight). The main reason I was looking at the ZXA-1 Sub as it was small enough to fit just about anywhere.

Here's an example of the typical space we get:

Gig 4 - 5 times a month and still a working-stiff so time and efficiency are important and I'm not getting any younger so size and weight are big factors too.
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Man 4 or 5 times a month playing. I think we have 8 gigs so far, for the year. But I'm busy into August doing sound as well
But I'm thinking that yours are spectacular! :) Me? Sometimes it's just six old drunks in the joint ............... and four of them are in the band o_O
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