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What's you gigging p/a?

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So much talk about active systems and subs that it's got me thinking about upgrades to our current rig. Anybody using an active system? With or without a sub or two? Whatcha got and how's it working out?

Currently we use a Yorkville M1610 powered mixer and 2 Yorkville 15" Elites for FOH and 3 powered 10's for monitors. Only mic the kick and my DRRI (to spread the sound a bit). Never used a sub. I'm thinking of going active FOH and maybe adding a sub and micing more. We're playing small to medium bars mostly 50 - 100 patrons.

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Last weekend for a 100 seat pub gig, we used the lead singer's PA, which was JBL active Eon's on posts mounted to Yorkville powered subs.

We also used a pair of those for keyboard and drum monitors and a two smaller 10" version of for floor monitors for myself and the other guitarist / lead singer. A Mackie 16 channel passive mixer through a rack with a couple compressors and 6 EQ's, two for FOH and one for each monitor mix. Perhaps a bit of overkill but it was all racked and pre-wired so easier to use it as-is than change it. Sounded really good - and it would have been way to easy to be way to loud. But that system will work in bars 4X that big - good to know.

My system is a Mackie Onyx through a Behringer Speaker processors (for x-over, EQ and compression) into 3 QSC power amps and then my Meyer UPA-1A's and a passive 18" Yorkville sub. I prefer not to take it out because 1) the Meyer's have fly-rig attachment points and aren't really meant to be pole mounted (no holes) and 2) those Meyer passive 112 boxes weight significantly more than those JBL active boxes. Maybe it we were to play outside, I could justify using the Meyer system with the 2000+ watts, but other than that, it's not worth the hassle.

And the last time I played an outdoor gig, we just rented 4 Yorkville Paralines with a pair of matching subs and used my Mackie Onyx. That system killed it in a park with about 500 people as far as 200 feet away. Wonderful, well dispersed sound and more than enough SPL for what we were doing.
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Equal parts amazing and daunting.

We gig smaller places - the kind that you have to move tables to make room for the band. Usually a postage stamp-sized dance floor and we get an hour to setup and after 30 minutes of tearing down the waitresses are giving us glares cause' they want to get home. Usually 2 passive 15's on lolipops and 2 4-bars for lights (sometimes only one if the space is really tight). The main reason I was looking at the ZXA-1 Sub as it was small enough to fit just about anywhere.

Here's an example of the typical space we get:

Gig 4 - 5 times a month and still a working-stiff so time and efficiency are important and I'm not getting any younger so size and weight are big factors too.
Epic Fail on the bar's part. One of you can still get out! ;)

Wicked system, @robare99 . I've used those Unities a few times and they are a great box. Highly desired in the Home Theatre world as well - as are the Danley's that their tech is licensed from.

Q: Do you have a light guy / LD or do you have them all programmed for the show? I've never seen so many lights without a dedicated operator - but it's been a couple decades since I did anything that extravagant.
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@robare99 Props, sir. My hat is off to you. Nice job - and I agree about the extra mouths, in this day and age of 'play for free???'.

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You guys have got some crazy set ups. Is bringing your own PA a requirement for a lot of places? I think I've only had to provide one for a very few special events.
Most of the time, it is BYOPA. I've been lucky to play a few places with nice rigs (like a wedding hall with a Yorkville Unity system - killer!). But it's good to be in control of your own sound - and familiar with the gear you are using. Nothing worse than showing up and finding a 40 year old pair of 412 vertical PA cabs with piezo's. Yuch!
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I hate trying to figure out how a permanent install is wired-up. Pro PA rigs tend to make sense, but your average bar rig....who knows?!?!?! You end up spending time tracing cables back and forth (why isn't the sub working? oh, cuz it's NOT PLUGGED IN!) and wasting all sorts of time when you should be sound-checking (why don't the monitors work? oh, cuz they're on AUX 3 this week when last week they were on AUX 1!!!)
OH YES!!! Been there, done that - it feels like a million times. I don't know how many PA's I've sorted out - should have charged the venue more for that than we got for the gig.
It you sort it out so it makes sense. The you come back a month later and it's right back to the original shit show again. That's when I give up.
We've never been invited back anywhere. GF^%@ So I don't know if my work was undone or not.
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I'm seeing quite a few of those "Look who's popular" images in place of photos lately. I suspect one of the answers to that question is "Not Photobucket anymore".
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