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What's you gigging p/a?

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So much talk about active systems and subs that it's got me thinking about upgrades to our current rig. Anybody using an active system? With or without a sub or two? Whatcha got and how's it working out?

Currently we use a Yorkville M1610 powered mixer and 2 Yorkville 15" Elites for FOH and 3 powered 10's for monitors. Only mic the kick and my DRRI (to spread the sound a bit). Never used a sub. I'm thinking of going active FOH and maybe adding a sub and micing more. We're playing small to medium bars mostly 50 - 100 patrons.

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My main festival rig:

FOH 4- QSCHPR152i 2 way 15" powered mains
2- Yorkville LS800p subs

Monitors 4-QSC HPR122i 2 way 12"
2-QSC K10 2 way 10"
2-Yorkville EF800 2 way 15" (side fills)

Lots of power and it can be scaled down or up depending on the gig.

I often use the following for bar gigs:

FOH 2 - QSC Hpr122i
1 - Yorkville LS880p

Monitors 2 - QSC HPR122i
2 - QSC K10

Folk Duo or Trio:

FOH 2 - QSC Hpr122i

Monitors 2 - QSC K10

I have owned Mackie, Yorkville, Elite and Yamaha/EV rigs in the past and find the QSC product to be much better, for a little extra money.
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