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What to do when you're bored

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Make your rig icon sized!

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Where do you find those icons ???????
Mostly from I made the Subdecay Blackstar and got a real picture of the Dr. Scientist RRR, pixelized it, and shrunk it. Maybe I'll do that with each pedal when I'm bored enough.
I was getting tired of the same old thing so I did this up this weekend for a day -I just have to add the crackle finish
Wow that's sweet! You made that!? I'd love to hear how it sounds.

Oh yea. What's yer handle on GuitarGeek? I'm iaresee there as well...

* Note it's more than a bit of of date now...but still fun to show off.
Nice gear! My name is adamthemute there as well.
1 - 3 of 14 Posts
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