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What pisses you off?

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I am getting a little pissed off with people who don't reply to my texts! I try if possible to reply in a timely fashion when texted especially if it's really important. For example rehearsal! Please reply to my text letting me know your intentions of showing up. If I ask a question in regards to something that can either make or break a situation pls reply etc

Do you have your own personal protocol rules when sending txts and receiving them?
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I don't text much and don't worry when it's answered. It sorta pisses me of when someone texts me and expects an immediate answer. If you're in that big a rush, phone. I'll answer as soon as I can. I don't have or use handsfree.
Since everyone has a phone in my family we no longer have a land line. That's $60 in our pocket per month!
People who don't check their posts for errors and edit them after they post them. It only takes a minute or two. Some posts are so bad with errors and omissions, I can't understand them.
You mean like here? Or texts on your phone?
People who use

u = you
2 = to
B4 = before
2 morrah = tomorrow etc

In their texts.

For gods sake use proper damned English!
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People who are adamant that they are coming to rehearsal and never show up.

They don't realize how much I depend on them being present or maybe they do and they just don't care!
People who pick their nose in public and eat it!
Talk about being grossed out.
People who man handle fruit in the produce isle.

Get your grimy hands off of something I may want to buy!
Sorry Lola, I prefer buying the good ones so I squeeze and feel them to judge their quality. That is one of the reasons I wash all the produce I eat.
I don't mind you squeezing the fruit. It's when they dig through to the bottom of the barrel meanwhile all the fruit is rolling off the stands and on to the floor and then they just walk a way. That's what pisses me off.
Rehearsal night. Winding my way through Union Station around 4:45 Friday night and out on to Front Street. The staircases are so crowded going from the platform to the bowels of Union. People walk into me without saying a word. They can plainly see I have a guitar slung over my shoulder. I feel like I am in a pinball game sometimes.
Brushing your teeth after getting dressed for work and finding little white toothpaste dots all over your top! The electric toothbrush is like a splatter gun.
Parents who let their kids run wild in public! Not the kids fault but definitely the parents fault!

Parents who let their children become as fat as they are, actually obese. Don't let your children follow in your footsteps. How unfair!
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People who let their dog shit all over my front yard and are not courteous enough to clean up after poochie.
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People who berate others in public! Especially parents who do this to their young children!
It's absolutely devastating!
Migraine headaches. They piss me off, make me sick and make me want to curl up in a ball and wither away!
Frigging "Tapatalk suggested sites "!!!

Cancer foods?!?!?

"Best mediocre guitarist in Calgary!"
Wow talk about ludicrous!
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hearing two of my songs on the radio, but not getting any credit
WTF ?!
Staying up all night because I can't sleep. Finally falling asleep at 6 am and then getting up at 8 am for work! This is crazy! I feel horrible while having to put on my game face.
Guitar cords always get in the way! I have a super long one, 25 ft in length. I got smart finally. I coil up the middle and just leave enough footage to plug into my amp and plug my guitar in!

I can't even begin to tell you how many times I have stepped on my cord and unplugged myself!

I did damage a Yorkville cord but they have a lifetime warranty thank god! Problem solved!
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