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What kind of wood is this top?

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Hello, the thread title says it all...

Any help is appreciated!
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well, it's a burl. Possibly maple burl, for sure book matched. Could be some totally obscure wood we never see. Strange place to put the tuners, but I sort of like it.
Well, I am sure it is something exotic, I just don't remember what I paid for. I bought this at Langevin-Forest in Montreal, sold as accoustic/classic sides...
I wanted a travel guitar that was full size, so I bought a cheap neck and cut off the paddle. For the body I used two pieces of maple stacked on top of each other: one from 2 laminated boards and the middle piece from a table found on the curb. Then I put two bookmatched pieces on top of them. The middle piece is chambered to reduce the weight.
Do you like it?
How much would one pay for such a thing?
It's hard to tell from the pic - you would need to take a closer pic. Just based on what I see here though - I would say Birdseye maple.
Found it.... looking through the Langevin-Forest website I found it in their catalogue. It's sapele...
12/4 SAPELE SELECT QUARTER KD - Langevin Forest - Le bois, notre passion
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