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Vintage MIJ

I own a few guitars that I consider to be vintage Japanese; a 1974 Greco Goldtop Les Paul copy with the correct "lawsuit" headstock in near mint condition. It is a bolt neck and is a very smooth player. It is very well made, the only non-original part are the Spretzel tuners. I agree with the person that commented on the Ibanez Roadster series. I have a 1979 Roadster guitar, 3 single coils, hardtail, flamed maple on mahogany, all maple neck with Ibanez design locking tuners, fun guitar to play. Also, I have an Onyx neck thru guitar, maple and ? neck with ash sides in see through black. Stock with coil splitters, brass nut and saddles, near mint condition. It was made at the Matsumoko plant and is similar to the Ibanez Musician and top line Westbury. If anyone has info on this guitar please share it. All of the guitars have the original cases. Someday I hope to add a Burny, Greco or Orville SG. Trades anyone? Regards..
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