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dwagar said:
Gibson seems a bit easier to figure out, based on LPs.
52-60 LPs (before the body change), vintage
68-69 original body comes back, but before the Norlin changes, more desireable
Other Gibson stuff: PAF pickup models, pre-65 Brazilian fretboard models
Also, Kalamazoo manufacturing may some day become important.
Even though 70's LP aren't considered vintage, my '74 LP Custom is the first year of white, made in Kalamazoo, and the last year of mahogany necks (in that era). 32 years old, but not "vintage".

I think there are many factors that determine a vintage guitar.
In the case of the '69 Les Paul Deluxe, they are not vintage, or at least they were'nt until the '69 Deluxe was reissued in 2001. Especially since the reissue is not entirely accurate to the '69 specs. Many people now consider the pre-maple neck Deluxes and Customs as a second vintage.
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