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dermot said:
I had a few min to kill and was down on Hastings street, near the old Wards music.... went in to check out the offerings.. pretty slim pickings on the high end front.. no Martins, No Larrivee's... a few Taylor's, mainly 314's tho....

Outside of the "high end" (perhaps mid-end might be closer) room, there was a Simon & Partick about the size of a Larrivee LSV with a cedar top, (and i guess) cherry back & sides.. felt like a 1 & 3/4 nut, and satin finish.

For me it was outstanding.. really nice.. so i went to their site and could not see anything like it.

Who knows what it is, and what it should cost?


hmmm, might be some sort of black market bullshit, if it's not on their website. I'd be careful about buying it, dude.
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