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What is it gonna be?

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I mean what is gonna be the beer of Guitars Canada? Well, if one of us comes up with something *earth shattering* in some kind of way, we're going to have to raise our glasses for a toast. Who's gonna buy the rounds sort of thing? Lots of good beer in Canada...

So what is it going to be? I'll start it out. Here's an example:

A round of "Rickards" on me! This guy is alright!

Well, it doesn't sound that cool. But a nice cold Rickards, especially the Red, is cool with me.

What's yours?:DevilGuitar:
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I find it amusing someone dug up an 8 year old thread just to go high horse on people who enjoy having a few drinks...
They weren't asking who gets the most hammered and spouts the most BS at the end of the night in a bar.
Just what kind of suds people enjoy.
We get it, you don't like alcohol or being around people who drink it, your point has been made clear in the past.
Others on here do enjoy a sociable and believe it or not, I bet most don't turn into jackass's after a drink or 2.
People have pointed the high horse in your direction more then once it's not just me.

Actually I didn't go digging. For some reason this thread was at the top. I merely responded.

As for the high horse BS, you're entitled to your opinion.

Walk into a bar sober sometime and hang out for a half hour near closing time. Then tell me how high my horse is again.
The reality of what?
Please enlighten me...
Yeah, lots of people don't appreciate reality. It's ok. Ignore me. I do it for others.
Again, still not sure how this relates in any way to people asking what ya grab when ya have a beer?
LMAO, seriously?

The reality that booze does not make people as entertaining and enlightened as they think.
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