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What is it gonna be?

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I mean what is gonna be the beer of Guitars Canada? Well, if one of us comes up with something *earth shattering* in some kind of way, we're going to have to raise our glasses for a toast. Who's gonna buy the rounds sort of thing? Lots of good beer in Canada...

So what is it going to be? I'll start it out. Here's an example:

A round of "Rickards" on me! This guy is alright!

Well, it doesn't sound that cool. But a nice cold Rickards, especially the Red, is cool with me.

What's yours?:DevilGuitar:
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As a non-drinker, I always find it somewhat amusing, often shaking my head, at how people's behavior changes and intelligence lowers, the more inebriated they get.

I remember one time a long time ago when some friends and I would get together and regularly get blotto while discussing life, the universe and everything. One night, we thought that we should record all these brilliant discussions of which we only could muster a vague memory the next day.

Listening back to those tapes was so embarrassing, the discussions so heartfelt yet so inane and silly, that it was overwhelmingly decided to not just erase them, but throw them in the fire to destroy them as quickly and thoroughly as possible. It was good for a laugh, but I vowed not only to never be recorded in a state of inebriation ever again, but also to never think for a second that booze and recreational drugs make anyone smarter in any way.

That being said, I do sometimes miss my Guinness Dark Ale...
As I mentioned before, I don't drink alcohol any more but I still haven't found any very good non-alcohol beers. Becks is the best I've found but it's still pretty awful. Does anyone here know of any that are at least a reasonable approximation of real beer?
Yeah, I thought I might be chasing air with that question but I thought I'd throw it out there anyway.
Cool. Thanks for the link. I may check some of those out.

My search is due to my doctors warning me to stay away from alcohol. I guess my youthful "look what I can do to my body and still survive" way of life had it's limits. But low alcohol could still be in the picture on occasion.
1 - 4 of 56 Posts
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