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What is it gonna be?

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I mean what is gonna be the beer of Guitars Canada? Well, if one of us comes up with something *earth shattering* in some kind of way, we're going to have to raise our glasses for a toast. Who's gonna buy the rounds sort of thing? Lots of good beer in Canada...

So what is it going to be? I'll start it out. Here's an example:

A round of "Rickards" on me! This guy is alright!

Well, it doesn't sound that cool. But a nice cold Rickards, especially the Red, is cool with me.

What's yours?:DevilGuitar:
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As I mentioned before, I don't drink alcohol any more but I still haven't found any very good non-alcohol beers. Becks is the best I've found but it's still pretty awful. Does anyone here know of any that are at least a reasonable approximation of real beer?
I remember my mother buying me that stuff when I was a teenager, thinking it would keep me from wanting the real thing,lol.
truth is, if beer didn't have alcohol, I wouldn't touch it (or anything that tasted like it) with a 10 ft pole ;)
Yeah, I thought I might be chasing air with that question but I thought I'd throw it out there anyway.
Nah it's a good question, I'm sure there's a market out there for it with ppl who like beer much more than I do.
id take a good margarita over a beer any day of the week :) but it in some circles it just isn't as socially acceptable as a bottle of brew,
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