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What Alanis Morrisette has been up to lately...

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She has been busy havin' a li'l fun...makin' fun of the Black Eyed Peas....

:If there were laugh smilies on this board...I'd use one here!:
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yep, i appreciate that she's making fun of the absurdity that is fergie but man that is grating.
I think She is making a good point.

Most 'good' songs (<<< opinion) can be broken down and still sound good on an accoustic guitar or a piano. When every thing is stripped back you can hear the lyrics, and in this case how ridiculous they are.

Allanis has also added a melancholy aspect to the song, which adds a whole new meaning and impact to it.

I've recently heard a Paul Anka album that was nothing but swing covers of popular music from the '80's and '90's. For the most part, it is funny, but it really does a good job of demonstarting the crap that people will listen to, as well as make you realize how good some of these songs actually are.

Like the Black Eyed Peas song, there are allot of tunes that are based on attitude, energy and production and have little merit beyond that. They exist in all genres of music, not just the teeny bopper dance stuff.

One of my personal pet peves are bands that play live to tracks, or are tied to a click track because of a midi sequence that could have just as easy been done without. I think if you need these things to play live then you have pretty much missed the boat. (allthough I can see them being used with a single performer or a duo)
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Oh, I see what she was doing- that was pretty obvious. She just did it badly.
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