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Lowtones said:
It's a shame! Spikezone has made himself a nice guitar. That friends is a hell of an accomplishment. I notice that there have been 29 viewing of his post but only two replies. Take a moment to give him a well done guys. The body shape may not be everyones cup of tea but that's just personal opinion. I think flying V's are Fugly.(so what) Take a moment to notice that he built himself exactly what he wanted and from the pictures he's posted I'd say he's done a damn fine job of it. Just realize that anybody with a few hundred bucks can go out and buy a guitar. Spikezone designed and made his own. Give him some recognition for his achievement.

That is all.

:rockon2: :rockon2: :rockon2:
Hey Spikezone - that IS awesome! I hope you get the pot problem fixed and get to play it a lot. And are you already thinking about what to make next?? :)

You should be very proud of yourself!

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