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Awesome looking build Darrin. I'm confident the 12A150 will work out great for this particular application. FWIW, I'm using the Weber CC in my brown Deluxe and quite like it. When I do use a tube rectifier, I've had the best results from JJ GZ34s. This is true of all my amps actually, not just with the 6G3. Among the 6V6s I've tried (JJs, NOS Brimars, etc) I prefer the new Tung-Sols. Better bass and top end response with well placed mids (unlike so many other 6V6s). Anyway, I hope they work just as well in your 6A20 as they do in my brownie.

Finally, if you think you'd ever consider a 2x10 format in that amp, GC member NIKO has a baffle for your amp at a decent price...


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