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Nice build. I built the amp in 2013 .... only my second build (did the 5e3 first). Mine basically stock with a couple of tips from a Weber forum user for wiring the Reverb up. I did not use Brass plate for ground ended up using a copper wire buss bar for preamp/input grounds and power section mount to PT ground. (something like that ... it's been a while). Here's a link to some Pics. (I'm still a novice you may find it a bit sloppy).

BTW: I had to do some drilling of holes etc.... also. The OT in Pic had to be moved from where it is in the Pic due to it hitting the speaker when placed in the cabinet. Also the doghouse/filter caps wiring was a pain for me seemed to be upside down and backwards on the Weber diagram... needless to say... I did get it working and it sounds really good even with the cheap parts. Wanting to build something else soon. maybe a weber 45watt marshall clone or the weber AC30 clone. if you are going to build a combo amp Weber seems to be the most inexpensive ( though I suppose if you upraded all the parts it would cost alot more ) ... but you get such a good deal on their speakers when you buy the complete kit's hard to pass up.
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